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This was the second year. The oldest are at the bottom, the most recent are at the top. If you haven't read them before, the bottom is the best place to start.

The second year....Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Bonus
Dec 2002What Chimney cartoon
What Chimney
Frank Prank cartoon
Frank Prank
Makes Me Sick cartoon
Makes Me Sick
Horse Shoe Game cartoon
Horse Shoe Game
7 Sins: Avarice/Greed cartoon
Sin #5
Nov 2002Human Error cartoon
Human Error
Name Brand cartoon
Name Brand
Sick Sense cartoon
Sick Sense
Half Wit cartoon
Half Wit
7 Sins: Sloth/Apathy cartoon
Sin #4
Oct 2002Here's Your Tip cartoon
Here's Your Tip
Ride Share cartoon
Ride Share
Please Do cartoon
Please Do
Still Life cartoon
Still Life
7 Sins: Anger/Wrath cartoon
Sin #3
Sept 2002Race Pace cartoon
Race Pace
Stage Fright cartoon
Stage Fright
Work Jerk cartoon
Work Jerk
Pick Up Schtick cartoon
Pick Up Schtick
7 Sins: Envy/Jealousy cartoon
Sin #2
Aug 2002Cheap Skate cartoon
Cheap Skate
Herd Nerd cartoon
Herd Nerd
Less Is More cartoon
Less Is More
Evolution Of Theory cartoon
Evolution Of Theory
7 Sins: Pride/Vanity cartoon
Sin #1
July 2002Hard Of Hearing cartoon
Hard Of Hearing
Empty Head cartoon
Empty Head
Puppy Love cartoon
Puppy Love
Walker Talker cartoon
Walker Talker
Reason #10 cartoon
Reason #10
June 2002Dish For Top Dog cartoon
Dish for Top Dog
No Laughing Matter cartoon
No Laughing Matter
Vet Veto cartoon
Vet Veto
I'm Game cartoon
I'm Game
Reason #9 cartoon
Reason #9
May 2002Time Flies cartoon
Time Flies
Fast Food cartoon
Fast Food
Absent Mind cartoon
Absent Mind
Talent Search cartoon
Talent Search
Reason #8 cartoon
Reason #8
Apr 2002Pet Peeve cartoon
Pet Peeve
I Herd That cartoon
I Herd That
Basic Knowledge cartoon
Basic Knowledge
Poker Face cartoon
Poker Face
Reason #7 cartoon
Reason #7
Mar 2002Pot O'Feed cartoon
Pot O'Feed
Funny Bunnies cartoon
Funny Bunnies
Playin' Possum cartoon
Playin' Possum
Tub Sub cartoon
Tub Sub
Reason #6 cartoon
Reason #6
Feb 2002Head Stall cartoon
Head Stall
Golf=Flog cartoon
Noose News cartoon
Noose News
2 Much Data cartoon
2 Much Data
Reason #5 cartoon
Reason #5
Jan 2002Surprise Prize cartoon
Surprise Prize
2002 cartoon
Gate Fate cartoon
Gate Fate
Hey Hay cartoon
Hey Hay
Reason #4 cartoon
Reason #4


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