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This was the third year. The oldest are at the bottom, the most recent are at the top. If you haven't read them before, the bottom is the best place to start.

The third year....Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Bonus
Dec 2003No Faking This cartoon
No Faking This
Tis The Season cartoon
Tis The Season
Wool Fool cartoon
Wool Fool
Pulp Fiction cartoon
Pulp Fiction
Duh Rule #10 cartoon
Duh Rule #10
Nov 2003No-Deal Meal cartoon
No-Deal Meal
Peekin' At Seekin's cartoon
Peekin' At Seekin's
In-N-Out Urge cartoon
In-N-Out Urge
You Drive Me Nuts cartoon
You Drive Me Nuts
Duh Rule #9 cartoon
Duh Rule #9
Oct 2003Time 2 Kill cartoon
Time 2 Kill
Flight Or Fight cartoon
Flight Or Fight
To The Point cartoon
To The Point
Follow The Leader cartoon
Follow The Leader
Duh Rule #8 cartoon
Duh Rule #8
Sept 2003Her Hymn cartoon
Her Hymn
Must Dust cartoon
Must Dust
World Debate cartoon
World Debate
DNA testing cartoon
DNA Testing
Duh Rule #7 cartoon
Duh Rule #7
Aug 2003Food 4 Thought cartoon
Food 4 Thought
Date With Fate cartoon
Date With Fate
Perfectly Logical cartoon
Perfectly Logical
Blew Genes cartoon
Blew Genes
Duh Rule #6 cartoon
Duh Rule #6
July 2003West Nile Denial cartoon
West Nile Denial
Moody Mare cartoon
Moody Mare
Non-Cents cartoon
Wired 4 Good cartoon
Wired 4 Good
Duh Rule #5 cartoon
Duh Rule #5
June 2003Abomination cartoon
Dumb Waiter cartoon
Dumb Waiter
Body Language cartoon
Body Language
Crude Oil cartoon
Crude Oil
Duh Rule #4 cartoon
Duh Rule #4
May 2003Coast Guard cartoon
Coast Guard
Glide Or Slide cartoon
Glide Or Slide
See Ya Siesta cartoon
See Ya Siesta
Alarming Sight cartoon
Alarming Sight
Duh Rule #3 cartoon
Duh Rule #3
Apr 2003Fashion Model cartoon
Fashion Model
BS Bullfrog cartoon
BS Bullfrog
Hoarse Sense cartoon
Hoarse Sense
Shower After Shower cartoon
Shower After Shower
Duh Rule #2 cartoon
Duh Rule #2
Mar 2003Lucky Jinx cartoon
Lucky Jinx
Green Genes cartoon
Green Genes
Well Grounded cartoon
Well Grounded
Inspire Me cartoon
Inspire Me
Duh Rule #1 cartoon
Duh Rule #1
Feb 2003Spring Into Action cartoon
Spring Into Action
Get Spotted cartoon
Get Spotted
Practice Makes Perfect cartoon
Practice Makes Perfect
Bee Smart cartoon
Bee Smart
7 Sins: Lust/Desire cartoon
Sin #7
Jan 2003Slap Shot cartoon
Slap Shot
Luv 2 B Crazy cartoon
Luv 2 B Crazy
Hot Idea cartoon
Hot Idea
No Go Tow cartoon
No Go Tow
7 Sins: Gluttony/Excess cartoon
Sin #6


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