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This was the fifth year. The oldest are at the bottom, the most recent are at the top. If you haven't read them before, the bottom is the best place to start.

The fifth year....Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Bonus
Dec 2005Worth the Weight cartoon
Worth The Weight
Piece On Earth cartoon
Piece On Earth
Stranger Stuck In A Manger cartoon
Stranger Stuck In A Manger
Santa's Little Helpers Cartoon
Santa's Little Helpers
Vs Bike #4 cartoon
Vs Bike #4
Nov 2005Brave Tribute cartoon
Brave Tribute
Jail Break cartoon
Jail Break
Rip Stop cartoon
Rip Stop
Conserve Energy Cartoon
Conserve Energy
Vs Bike #3 cartoon
Vs Bike #3
Oct 2005Hover Craft cartoon
Hover Craft
Wild Willie cartoon
Wild Willie
Insert Dis cartoon
Insert Dis
Ban Leap Year Cartoon
Whip Into Shape
Vs Bike #2 cartoon
Vs Bike #2
Sept 2005Pine Box Derby cartoon
Pine Box Derby
Mr Fix It cartoon
Mr Fix It
Less Cents cartoon
Less Cents
Vegetarians Cartoon
Vs Bike #1 cartoon
Vs Bike #1
Aug 2005Mis-staken cartoon
Space Race cartoon
Space Race
Go Figure cartoon
Go Figure
Emergency Cartoon
Gift Horse #10 cartoon
Gift Horse #10
July 2005Just Shoot Me cartoon
Just Shoot Me
Get The Point cartoon
Get The Point
Heres Your Sign' cartoon
Heres Your Sign'
Cup Half Empty Cartoon
Cup Half Empty
Gift Horse #9 cartoon
Gift Horse #9
June 2005Internet cartoon
Glad to Meat You cartoon
Glad to Meat You
Take A Number cartoon
Take A Number
Fartwork cartoon
Gift Horse #8 cartoon
Gift Horse #8
May 2005Soap Opera Stud cartoon
Soap Opera Stud
Trapt Animal cartoon
Trapt Animal
Kiss This cartoon
Kiss This
Eye See Your Point cartoon
Eye See Your Point
Gift Horse #7 cartoon
Gift Horse #7
Apr 2005Colorful Spring Day cartoon
Colorful Spring Day
Brain Refund cartoon
Brain Refund
Get Together cartoon
Get Together
Their Thing cartoon
Their Thing
Gift Horse #6 cartoon
Gift Horse #6
Mar 2005I Towed Ya Why cartoon
I Towed Ya Why
Just An Act cartoon
Just An Act
Break Time cartoon
Break Time
Share And Tell cartoon
Share And Tell
Gift Horse #5 cartoon
Gift Horse #5
Feb 2005Shot Down cartoon
Shot Down
Super Size It cartoon
Super Size It
Very Interesting cartoon
Very Interesting
Dumber cartoon
Gift Horse #4 cartoon
Gift Horse #4
Jan 2005Snow Holiday cartoon
Snow Holiday
Get Smart cartoon
Get Smart
Not Amused cartoon
Not Amused
Girth Defects cartoon
Girth Defects
Gift Horse #3 cartoon
Gift Horse #3


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