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Bookmark this page and look for new additions once every month. The oldest are at the bottom, the most recent are at the top (so you don't have to scroll down everytime you check in.) If you haven't read them before, the bottom is the best place to start; there are buttons to go to previous years.

The eighth year...Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
December 2008Loaded With Faith cartoon
Loaded With Faith
Magic Of The Season cartoon
Magic Of The Season
Go Postal cartoon
Go Postal
Hell To Pay cartoon
Hell To Pay
November 2008Just Barely cartoon
Just Barely
Snow Job cartoon
Snow Job
Use A Condiment cartoon
Use A Condiment
Bogged Down cartoon
Bogged Down
October 2008Farrier Fare cartoon
Farrier Fare
Handicap Race cartoon
Handicap Race
Miserable Monday cartoon
Miserable Monday
Pointless Joke cartoon
Pointless Joke
September 2008Gas Guzzler cartoon
Gas Guzzler
Fuel Fool cartoon
Fuel Fool
No Free Ride cartoon
No Free Ride
It's A Gas cartoon
It's A Gas
August 2008Measure Up cartoon
Measure Up
Seasoned Citizen cartoon
Seasoned Citizen
Also Ran cartoon
Also Ran
Pop Music cartoon
Pop Music
July 2008Bud Draft cartoon
Bud Draft
Sacred Animal cartoon
Sacred Animal
Cross Breeding cartoon
Cross Breeding
Horse Eggs cartoon
Horse Eggs
June 2008Horse Houdini cartoon
Horse Houdini
Heat Stroke cartoon
Heat Stroke
In Season cartoon
In Season
Surf Board cartoon
Surf Board
May 2008Mud Cocoon cartoon
Mud Cocoon
In The Pen cartoon
In The Pen
Dreamer cartoon
Plant IQ cartoon
Plant IQ
Apr 2008No Challenge cartoon
No Challenge
Work Zone cartoon
Work Zone
Plump It Up cartoon
Plump It Up
What Infestation? cartoon
What Infestation?
Mar 2008Luck Ran Out cartoon
Luck Ran Out
Bound To Run Away cartoon
Bound To Run Away
Groomer Doodies cartoon
Groomer Doodies
Multi Tasker cartoon
Multi Tasker
Feb 2008From Heaven With Love cartoon
From Heaven With Love
Seems Like Every Year cartoon
Seems Like Every Year
Every 4 years cartoon
Every 4 years
Every 12 years cartoon
Every 12 years
Jan 2008How It Starts cartoon
How It Starts
Keep On Doing cartoon
Keep On Doing
An Apple A Day cartoon
An Apple A Day
Step Stool cartoon
Step Stool


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