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A melting letter S. A melting letter A. A melting letter L. A melting letter S. A melting letter A.

I'm no photographer, but...
Click on icon for large photo of coat detail.
Photo session date: 08/20/03
at my barn.

photo of SalsaI'm ready

photo of Back StripeBack Stripe

photo of Left NeckLeft Neck

photo of Right NeckRight Neck

photo of Left Shoulder/BarrelLeft Shoulder/Barrel

photo of Right Shoulder/BarrelRight Shoulder/Barrel

photo of Left Barrel/FlankLeft Barrel/Flank

photo of Right Barrel/FlankRight Barrel/Flank

photo of Left HaunchLeft Haunch

photo of Right HaunchRight Haunch

photo of Back Stripe Above TailBack Stripe Above Tail

photo of Below TailBelow Tail

photo of ChestChest

photo of ForeheadForehead

photo of Rear HoovesRear Hooves

photo of Front HoovesFront Hooves


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