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  photo of Colonial maple BuffetJan: Kevin's present to Denise photo of purple painted hallwayFeb: Redo hallway in purple
photo of Salsa's win from Winter Woolies showMar 17: First place out of four entries - Winter Woolies show at Clark County Fairground photo of crabs caughtApr. 20-29: Caught crabs at Westport, steamers at Tokeland, Razors at Long Beach photo of AFSCME/WFSE strikeMay 24: Job Action strike day
photo of handcarved Pinecar for Derby and trophy for Best DesignMay 30: won Pinecar Derby "Best Design" at Employee Day photo of beach at Cape KiwandaJune 12-15: Camping at Cape Kiwanda photo of our 1928 Chev in Ridgefield ParadeJuly 4: representing Napa Auto Parts entry in Ridgefield Parade
photo of boating and TishkaAug 6-12: boating at Beaver Bay on Yale Reservoir photo of 1969 Grande Mustang in car showAug 17: won Best Theme at Mustangs Unlimited "Cruise In" to DQ photo of Denise pre-boarding NRK cruise boatAug 23: boarding NRK Rock the River Cruise with POE
photo of Kevin on Bacardi doing OET Poker Ride at Malarky RanchAug 26: OET Poker Ride at Malarky Ranch photo of horseback riders crossing dikeAug 26: Doty, Keleen, Carol, Joshua, Tina, McKenzie, Denise and Kevin! photo of Denise & Kathy in front of the Peter Iredale on their AppysSept 2: OET Poker Ride at Ft. Stevens
photo of First Place jack-o-lanternOct 28: Won first place in carving contest photo of Kevin on his 2001 Yamaha WolverineNov: Kevin's present for 2001 photo of our purple holiday treeDec: Holiday tree done in purple


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