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  photo of our new barn being builtJan: New year, new barn!
photo of our new barn more doneFeb: Barn gettin' there photo of Kevin covered in mudMarch: Perfect weather for the ATV photo of friends entered in Crab RaceApr. 20: Dick, Greg, Kay and Robin race the two pros
photo of concert ticketsMay 10: What's in your wallet? photo of handcarved Pinecar for Derby and trophy for Most CreativeJune 12: won Pinecar Derby "Most Creative" at Employee Day photo of neighbor kids on 6 year old AppaloosaJuly: Riders or passengers?
photo of the anomaly we visitedAug 7: stopped here on our way to the Redwoods photo of metal sign made by Jeff BarsnessSept: Jeff Barsness made this sign for us photo of our yearling Foundation QuarterhorseSept: Yearling Imp joined our group
photo of new scanner (while camping at Barview)Oct 12: Yes, the scanner went camping with us photo of Kevin with motorhomeNov 30: Kevin's toy for 2002 photo of our Raider holiday treeDec: Holiday tree done in Raider theme


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