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photo of horse with icicles on itJan 7: God's fur coat fends off Mother Nature's icicles photo of tickets to MGD Blind Date with TraptJan 25: won tickets to Private Show photo of what happens if you fall asleep at partyFeb 1: don't fall asleep at Superbowl Party!
photo of us riding the AppysMar 14: Riding at Whipple Creek trails. photo of tickets to The Offspring concertApr 14: The Offspring tripped the breakers several times! photo of family on dockApr 18: We caught our annual crabs, clams, and colds.
photo of Kevin putting license on new truckMay 24: Kevin got his toy for this year early. photo of Kevin beside Spruce GooseJune 15: Visited the Evergreen Air Museum (Spruce Goose). photo of new Blue-Line tiresJuly 9: Mustang has new shoes (yes, the lines stay blue).
photo of neighbor girls riding my horsesAug 27: The neighbor girls riding my horses. photo of us at the Seahawks gameSept 26: Darrell and Kristy joined us for the Seahawks vs 49ers. photo of Sam at his last Governor Conference before retiringSept 30: In Spokane - Sam Swenson's last Governor's Conference before retiring.
photo of tickets to Comedy ShowOct 24: Tickets to the Last Comic Standing winner. photo of my Mom and 20 lb turkeyNov 25: I cooked a 20 lb turkey at my Mom's house. photo of Kevin in new suede coatDec 3: The day after Kevin turned 40.
photo of Roland by Horse Theme holiday treeDec 18: Roland by Horse Theme holiday tree. photo of Xmas dinnerDec 25: Crabs we caught that day for Xmas dinner.


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