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photo of Judy and her paintingsJan 20: Judy had an Open House for her paintings photo of Kevin and the razor clams againFeb 17: Kevin the clam annilator photo of porch BBQMar 11: Warm and dry for an early BBQ season
photo of birthday cakeMar 18: again! photo of wedding cake smeared on facesMar 31: Kimmy Jo and Nate taste/wear their wedding cake photo of McClain family from TexasApr 30: The McClain family from Texas drops by for close up of brindle stripes
photo of Salsa's fourth foalMay 16: Salsa's dun filly is just born photo of Salsa's 2007 fillyJun 10: Filly is 25 days old photo of our float in Pirate ParadeJun 24: Our float in Pirate Parade
photo of outhouse that looks like lighthouseJun 24: Ralph built the outhouse to look like a lighthouse photo of friends with their horsesJul 28: Met Jens and Kim to ride at Battle Ground Lake photo of Denise and Jimmy with mountsJul 28: Denise and Jimmy ready to ride
photo of us at the concertJul 29: With Linda at Bethany Vineyard photo of Ralph and singer LindaJul 29: Ralph Batties with his friend, featured singer Linda Hornbuckle photo of Kevin & all-you-can-eat oystersAug 4: Kevin at Brady's Oyster Feed
photo of Freckles & Tabasco on Poker RideAug 11: Freckles & Tabasco on Malarkey Poker Ride photo of Denise & Jimmy on Poker RideAug 11: Denise & Jimmy on the ride! photo of our whole group on Poker RideAug 11: Our whole group on the ride!
photo of Freckles & Tabasco in campAug 17: Our stalls and camp at Big Meadows in Willamette Forest photo of Duffy LakeAug 18: 11 mile trip for Duffy Lake photo of Jens and his camp kitchenAug 19: Jens is the cook in his kitchen
photo of Reggie & Moon eating hay from pantsAug 20: Reggie and Moon eat from the Big Pants photo of Tabasco wearing the pansAug 21: A horse can wear the Big Pants photo of kids on pants tied like a hammockAug 22: The Big Pants is now a hammock
photo of Jens on Moon going to Fay LakeAug 23: On the way to Fay Lake photo of Denise & Kim on a log at Pika Fir LakeAug 24: We dismounted and swam at Pika Fir Lake photo of Kim on Reggie starting our longest rideAug 25: 14 mile trip for Santiam Lake
photo of concert ticketSept 12: Yeah, we went to see Styx and Def Leppard; didn't you? photo of Denise & KevinOct 12: We took this photo ourselves in the mirror photo of strange giftsOct 12: Strange gifts from my strange husband
photo of our new pupsNov 5: Ouija & VooDoo are our new puppies photo of pups under treeDec 24: Under the Faceted Ornament theme tree on Xmas Eve photo of pups with presentsDec 25: Pups are bewildered by presents on Xmas Day


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