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photo of Sharon cracking the crab legsJan 15: Sister Teresa brought Alaska crab legs for us to eat (Sharon cooking and cracking!) photo of the poms in snowJan 25: Ouija and VooDoo enjoy the light snow photo of Vickie & Lynne at Clancy'sFeb 20: Went to L.A. to see Lynne and her daughter Vickie; we ate at Clancy's Crab Broiler in Glendale
photo of George, Debbie, Darla, Denise, and GusFeb 21: Reunion at Brent's in Westlake Village with people I used to work with when IMODCO was still in business photo of Vickie & Lynne with cannonFeb 22: This is on the outside of the 94th Aerosquadron restaurant next to the Van Nuys airport photo of Vickie & Denise with JeepFeb 22: We are still horsing around outside of the 94th Aerosquadron restaurant
photo of colt about 10 hours oldMar 20: Chili had her colt while I was at work today photo of filly about 30 minutes oldApr 11: Salsa had her filly when Kevin and I ate dinner at 5 PM photo of neighbors with burnt weeniesMay 2: Minnehaha neighbors enjoying Burnt Weenie Sandwiches
photo of colt now 50 days oldMay 9: Chili and her colt on a sunny day photo of filly now 29 days oldMay 9: Salsa and her filly enjoying the grass photo of appaloosa Azalia BudJun 21: Pro photographer Barbara Livingston came and took photos today
photo of mare rolling by coltJun 21: Barb took a casual photo of Salsa and her filly photo of brindle mareJun 21: Barb took lots of pix of Salsa alone; these are for her book photo of us at King's after the paradeJun 28: We won second place in the Pirate Parade
photo of float before parade beginsJun 28: Our entry is "Legend of the Black Pearl" photo of Doug and the clam chowder we gave awayJun 28: See the clam chowder in the box in front of Doug photo of Kevin holding the mast uprightJun 28: The wind blew so hard the mast was tipping over!
photo of hillbilly swimming poolJul 29: We made a pool to beat the 108 degree heat photo of us playing bingoAug 8: Danci, Larry, and Denise played bingo at the American Legion picnic photo of 3 day old brindle fillyAug 31: Brindle filly now 3 days old
photo of Wine tastingOct 10: On the patio at East Fork Cellars photo of us on our anniversary with clam gunOct 12: Us on our 16th Anniversary photo of Kevin and Larry on HalloweenOct 31: Sinner and Saint
photo Kevin and his work truckDec 5: Kevin brings his work home again photo of plaid Holiday treeDec 4: Plaid theme Holiday tree photo of Denise sneaking goodiesDec 25: At the dessert table


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