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photo of the guys early New Years DayJan 1: Kevin, Clyde, and Larry (not functioning too well by now) photo of coworkers in redFeb 5: Wear Red Day at work to support Heart Health photo of tix to a playFeb 26: Dinner and a show!
photo of bald eagle in the dunesMar 7: A bald eagle at Grayland Beach photo of Denise eating Asian mealMar 18: Birthday dinner was Asian buffet photo of ice cream cakeMar 18: Yup...Denise's 50th birthday!
photo of Chili's newborn coltApr 20: Chili had her colt at 6 PM today photo of Salsa's one week old coltMay 15: Salsa's colt was born one week ago photo of Chili's colt racing aroundMay 15: Racing around at 25 days old
photo of wannabee piratesJune 26: Kevin, Denise, and Larry in pirate gear photo of huge mothJuly 11: BIG Moth-er was a bit creepy, perched by the back door, big as a bat! photo of taking our dogs on vacation as usualAug 13: us dogs goin' on vacation, again
photo of Kevin in the dunk tankAug 14: Kevin about to be dunked by Larry photo of wind millSept 25: Kevin tryin' to cut off ANOTHER finger! photo of anniversary cakeOct 12: For our anniversary we rode the Mt. Hood RR to the Parkdale Autumn Festival...
photo of horse statueOct 16: ...where Denise wanted to ride the draft horse home... photo of old work truckOct 16: ...and Kevin wanted to drive the old truck home. photo of a cartridge in a bare treeDec 25: We had the cartridge in a bare tree this year.


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