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photo of co-workers in redFeb 4: We wore red for heart health photo of some of the memorialFeb 12: Kevin's brother was well loved photo of Denise and cakeMar 18: 18 again!
photo of an odd hair pieceApr 29: Everyone wore a goofy hat the day of the Royal wedding! photo of the guys partyingMay 25: Randy, Larry and Kev celebrate Larry's 49th Birthday photo of Peggy, Kathy and DeniseJune 7: W3 Congress award for Peggy, Kathy and Denise
photo of Denise with Region AdministratorJune 9: 20 year employee with the boss photo of Julie graduating collegeJune 16: Congrats to Julie for graduating college photo of us and dogs as piratesJune 26: Denise & VooDoo, Kevin & Ouija as pirates
photo of Denise and politicianAug 18: Craig Pridemore with Denise at a Union function photo of bog train tourOct 8: Kevin on the open train crossing the cranberry bog on tour photo of cranberry theme anniversaryOct 12: some of our cranberry theme 18th anniversary
photo of Darrell and SusaOct 23: Kevin's dad Darrell and Susa at her 70th birthday party photo of Bruce and BelindaNov 25: Denise's brother Bruce and his girlfriend Belinda photo of 2000 Dodge DakotaDec 2: Kev bought this 2 weeks ago for his birthday.
photo of Becca, Gene, DiAnn and KimDec 24: Denise's brother Gene and his family photo of Dean, Kathy and NikkiDec 24: Denise's brother Dean and his family photo of the fiber optic treesDec 25: We had a whole forest of fiber optic trees this year.


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