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photo of us sitting in the pedicabMar 17: We toured Portland in a pedicab photo of Bruce & Kevin putting crab pot inApr 20: Brother Bruce and Kevin crabbin' photo of us and the clams we dugApr 24: Belinda eying the razor clams!
photo of niece Nikki and her graduation cakeJune 16: Nikki with her photo on a cake at her graduation party photo of filly born at noonJuly 13: Jinx was born at noon on Friday the 13th photo of deer from our bathroom windowJuly 14: this pregnant doe stopped to rest in our backyard
photo of brindle mare in pink tackAug 31: brindle mare in pink tack photo of Ouija, VooDoo and Denise at GraylandAug 26: us girls in the beach house photo of Denise & PeggySept 21: Denise & Peggy at the Region-Wide HR picnic in Olympia
photo of Denise in front of painted wallSept 28: Denise with friends at McMenamins photo of Denise in front of menu boardSept 28: we stopped here for a snort before our cruise photo of us before we boarded the boatSept 28: Julie & Denise in front of the yacht that took us on a tour
photo of our annual carrot cakeOct 12: Kevin & Denise's 19th Anniversary carrot cake (yes, always a carrot cake) photo of our anniversary dinnerOct 12: we made our own dinner instead of going out photo of us in front of the Pioneer CourthouseOct 20: Kev & Denise in front of Pioneer Courthouse in Portland
photo of Zombies as we were trying to leaveOct 20: you can see Zombies in Portland, even if it is not Halloween photo of one of the undergound tunnels on displayOct 20: Portland has underground tunnels for kidnapping and other stuff photo of us at the haunted houseOct 25: We had fun at the Four Horsemen Haunted House
photo of Kevin carving the turkeyOct 12: Kevin carving the turkey photo of Kevin with his cakeDec 2: Kevin turns 48 (but acts 8) photo of plywood Xmas treeDec 9: our tree was cut out for us!


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