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photo of new puppyJan 20: Mojo came to live with us photo of movie poster & ticketsFeb 13: Saw the movie before it opened to public photo of Julie at horse clinicFeb 17: Julie watching clinic at Horse Expo
photo of truck driven for new ownershipFeb 24: Lange was bought out by Hoovestol photo of Denise at a union rallyMar 8: Union Thugs supporting ILWU union rally photo of ATV loaded with gravel to rebuild trailsMar 9: trail building community service for trails we ride
photo of celebration foodMar 16: Snacks and champagne taste test! photo of pomeranian in her puppy-ugly stageMar 18: Mojo has blue eyes, but she is in her "puppy-ugly" stage photo of old pom and new pomApr 25: Spring clam tide at the ocean
photo of our Cinco De Mayo foodMay 5: Natasha and her mom Julie enjoy our Cinco De Mayo food photo of Kevin in beach trailerMay 24: Kevin inside our Beach Trailer photo of Denise in beach trailerMay 26: Denise inside our Beach Trailer
photo of Kev, Sasquatch, and Buffalo Goat HeadJun 6: Kev, Sasquatch, and Buffalo Goat Head at Korner Street Bar photo of veggies on the BarbieJun 9: Veggie BBQ in the front yard photo of starfish in crab potAug 3: Camera lens got stuck, but here is a starfish in our crab pot
photo of a cool Sea LionSept 1: A Sea Lion joined us on the dock for crabbing photo of Kev and hot dogsSept 3: A hot day at the beach; the dogs have too much hair photo of 20th Anniversary cake and wineOct 12: Our 20th Anniversary cake and wine
photo of tiger and stripper costumesOct 25: Denise as a tiger and Kevin as a stripper at Legion Post 14 Halloween photo of Denise with giftsNov 12: Farewell - Denise's last day at Safety Office photo of red eyes on pomeranianNov 18: Mojo's blue eyes reflect red EVERY time...just call her "ol' Demon Eyes"
photo of brother Bruce with his homemade wineNov 28: Brother Bruce sharing his homemade wine at Thanksgiving photo of Animal Print theme xmas treeDec 9: This year was an Animal Print theme xmas tree photo of dogs with their toysDec 22: the toy dogs with their gift toys playing by the xmas tree


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